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Founded by Beth and Gary Bates

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When there is a perfect blend of distinct skills and talents, it will often lead to a great result. This is the case at Care-To-Go!   Beth and Gary Bates have combined their knowledge and abilities to create a unique company that offers travel companions and caregivers to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Beth has over 30 years caregiver and Home Care experience
Beth has years of experience as a compassionate and loving caregiver. She has been involved in assisting people with their in-home care needs, physical disabilities, medical recovery, and hospice care as well as being a great travel companion. Beth’s attention to detail will ensure your loved one receives the highest level of loving and compassionate care.

Gary has over 30 years Airline Pilot and Travel Consultant experience
Gary is a career airline pilot, with expertise in the travel industry. He has extensive knowledge in domestic travel as well as international travel including Hawaii, the Caribbean and Europe.

The merging of these two talents allows Care-To-Go to offer an excellent program for both in-home care and travel companion services.

We are confident that your experience with Care-To-Go will be a pleasant and memorable one.

Thank you for choosing Care-To-Go.