Phoenix Home Care Caregiver Explains 19 Home Safety Tips For Seniors

PhoenixCooking Home Care Caregiver Explains 19 Home Safety Tips For Seniors


Most accidents occur in the home and especially for our seniors.  Even though our seniors are in their own home and in familiar surroundings, they have a much higher accident rate than the rest of us. When you couple failing eyesight, poor hearing and decreased judgment and balance, the senior has a more difficult time moving around and staying safe. If you make the changes yourself or use a personal CareGiver, you may be able to avoid a major fall and injury to your parent.

What can you do to protect an elderly loved one from getting hurt?  Here are some steps to follow:

  1. Keep outdoor steps and walkways in good condition and clear of debris. Be sure the hand rails are clean and in good condition.
  2. Illuminate all stairways and hallways and provide light switches at both ends. Brighter lights are better.
  3. Use nightlights or bedside remote controlled switches. Yeah the clapper works too.
  4. Provide handrails in hallways and stairways.
  5. Keep a sturdy nightstand next to the bed so glasses and other personal items are within reach.
  6. Put felt or soft material over sharp edges and corners of furniture such as nightstands, tables and shelves.
  7. Tack down the edges of carpets and rugs; remove throw rugs that slide or can be tripped on.
  8. Keep pathways clear of furniture and other objects.
  9. Provide handrails in the bathroom (especially near the toilet, at the entrance to the shower and in the shower) and use non-skid strips in the shower and bathtubs.
  10. Use a shower seat and shower hose for those unable to stand in the shower.
  11. Avoid using bath oils or lotions in the bathtub or shower.
  12. Use kitchen appliances with thermostats and timers. The elderly find appliances with signal lights and buzzers easier to use.
  13. Clearly mark the “off” position on stoves and ranges so a person with diminished eyesight can immediately tell if the element is off. Try some nail polish.
  14. Set water heater thermostats or faucets so water does not scald the skin.
  15. Install smoke detectors in the kitchen and throughout the rest of the house.
  16. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and know how to use it.
  17. Arrange frequently used kitchen items in an easy-to-reach cabinet.
  18. Install one good lock that can be opened easily from the inside.
  19. Keep loose magazines and mail off the floor, seniors tend to accumulate mail clutter.


For a complete home assessment contact Care-To-Go at 480-284-8611 and on the web at Are you getting to the point where you need someone to help you shoulder the load taking care of Mom? A Home Care CareGiver will be able to assist your senior with household tasks to be sure they are safe and happy.

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