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Seniors Connect With The Grand Children – Travel Ideas For Seniors

Seniors Connect With The Grand Children – Travel Ideas For Seniors

In the Golden Years, a lot of seniors enjoy their free time by vacationing. This is a way

to see many of the places that couldn’t be gotten to because of busy schedules. But

not all the seniors are getting away by themselves. Some senior citizens are going with

their grandkids minus their parents with them in what is now known as GrandTravel.

Approximately 80% of elders surveyed reported that they liked taking their grandkids

along with them on their vacations while their parents stayed at home. The increase in

popularity of taking grand children may be credited to a number of factors. The first is

that the grandparents are able to spend much more time with the grand children versus

only seeing them whenever their parents bring them around. The second is that the

grandkids parents get a break in to spend quality time together. The last is that the

grandparents can do what they do best – spoil the grandkids without the parents there.

GrandKids Come First
Studies about Grandtravel show is that seniors are much more democratic when it

comes to making decisions with their grandkids. They include the grand children in

decisions about where to eat and what to do on their vacation, and will often do

whatever the grandkids want to do..
Deciding at what age a child should be allowed to go on a trip alone with grandma and

grandpa can be tough and really depends on the maturity of the child. Generally,

studies on Grandtravel have shown that 12 or 13 is the average age for a child to go.

And in cases where there are multiple grandchildren around the same age, many seniors

will opt to take one grandchild each summer so that each kid gets the right amount of

attention, and the grandparents aren’t driven completely crazy.

Where to Go
While there’s no scarcity of destinations to take the grandkids, some good places are

Disney Land, Washington D.C., New York City and theme parks. Outdoor activities like

hiking, fishing, or the beach are good choices too.  Places with natural wonders also

rank high like Yellowstone, Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.

Let the Grandchildren Plan The Trip
I heard from a pilot I know that he would let the Grand Children plan their trip each

year for their birthday.  This is a chance to spend months of quality time planning a

special trip with each Grand Child.  They can choose a trip to a place that really interests

them, making the trip very special for the GrandKids.

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Phoenix Travel Companions Reveal Seven Tips For Elder Air Travel

A Senior Travel Assistant Explains Seven Tips For Our Elderly Travelers

Lets Go Fly Girl 1.    A visit To The Doctor May be Essential

It is usually always a great plan for your mother to get a health check prior to a trip. At

Least, let your loved ones’ doctor know air travel is scheduled and inquire if a checkup

is advised. This can be a great occasion to verify meds with their medical doctor before

the trip and make provision to refill prescriptions along the way as necessary.

2.    Packing The Suitcases Correct Way Can Save The Day
Flying can be uncertain, with delays, cancellations, and lost baggage . All of your

parents’ medicines (prescription and over-the-counter) could be easily accessible,

packed in carryon bags. Some other helpful things for a carry-on include body lotion, a

toothbrush, facial tissues, a petite container of hand wipes, and good magazines, books

and even games, for the vacation.  Be sure to use the 3-1-1 regulation for the security


3.    Calling Ahead To Ask for A Wheelchair Can Make Going Through The Airport

Much Easier
Even if your elder as a rule does not use a wheelchair, a wheelchair will be

exceptionally helpful when navigating airport terminals especially if your loved one is

elderly and you are running to the plane or bringing baggage . Order a wheelchair when

making their reservation for the arrival airport terminal and any connection airports. If

you forget, you could always reserve one at  a service desk or ticket counter. Consider a

walker or cane if you can’t make use of a wheelchair on the way.  Packing a lightweight

walker can make moving through the airport simpler for the whole flight. These devices

are offered at pharmacies, medical supply stores, or via internet. You might also check

the Good Will for availability.  Caution-some canes purchased used at a thrift store

could have a concealed sword in it.  This type thing will get you delayed for sure at the

security checkpoint.

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Phoenix Area Travel Companions Report Airport Security Changes

The  Security check procedures at the airport change often and a Personal Travel Assistant can assist Senior travelers get through easily.

Phoenix Travel CompanionWhen elderly travelers pass through an airport it is  important for them to know all of  the ins and outs of baggage rules, check –in procedures, getting through the TSA security checkpoint and locating the correct departure gate.  This can be very confusing if traveling without assistance.  With the  hearing loss, eyesight loss, and some poor judgment, the airport  can be confusing.


A Travel Companion could assist an elderly traveler from the beginning of a trip, to the destination assuring a smooth and rewarding experience.  Traveling  is supposed to be fun and even exciting.  So, getting through the starting airport and arrival airport easily should be  an important part of the process.


One Travel Companion company starting trips anywhere nationally can be found at  Here you will find  experienced travel experts and caregivers to make your trip a success.

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An awesome Vacation Deal For Adventurous Elders

Every so often a great deal is passed along by a Care-To-Go  Phoenix Travel Companion

Scottsdale Travel CompanionSouthern Caribbean Cruise ship trip 8-Nights for only $299

Here is an opportunity to go on a one way cruise ship vacation expedition from Panama and terminating in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

From as little as $299 each — only about $37 per night — our seniors go on board the Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas. On April 11th, you can sail from Colon, Panama, and seing ports in Costa Rica, Colombia and Aruba in the Caribbean. In Puerto Limon seniors could consider reserving a rainforest side trip –almost a fourth of this town’s landmass is national park territory, and it houses around 8,000 plant species in addition to 10 per cent of the world’s butterflies. Seniors should to keep in mind, you will have to arrange one-way air fare to Colon and from Fort Lauderdale back to your home.
The airline ticket will cost, however this seems like a famous once-in-a lifetime trip.  If you have airline non-rev passes or can fly on frequent flyer miles, this trip is a no brainer.

The Royal Caribbean’s “Enchantment of the Seas” has all the standard cruise ship features including:
·    Jazzy Bolero’s lounge is one of the most fun hot spots at sea
·    The stunning sun deck is one of the most beautiful anywhere
·    Features Chop’s Grill alternative restaurant
·    Handicap-friendly cabins available in varying categories
If you need assistance along the way, consider a Personal Travel Assistant to help you along the way.  You can find a Travel Companion at