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Louise and Beth in Scottsdale  Louise was living in her mother’s condo in Scottsdale when she found out she needed cancer treatments.  When it became obvious to her that she needed a lot of help, she contacted Beth at Care-To-Go.  Over several months, Beth tended to all her needs at home and took care of her during her treatments at the Mayo Clinic becoming her advocate and loving friend.  Beth stayed with her during several ups and downs in her recovery.  After her recovery, Beth assisted Louise in moving to her home in Santa Barbara California.  To read more of Louise’s testimonials click here.


Travel aide

Happiness in Dallas—After two years Richard can live with his wife again!  Richard was living in skilled nursing in Phoenix and his wife was in assisted living.  This meant they could not live together.  Their son and daughter-in-law found an assisted living facility in Dallas where they could live together and be close to them. They called Beth at Care-To-Go and arranged transportation for Richard to Dallas.  There had to be several special arrangements made since Richard had a stroke and needed complete assistance in and out of his wheel chair and into the airplane seat.  The trip was a huge success and the reunion joyfully tearful.

elder travelThe One Room Schoolhouse Annual Reunion  My brother Howard restored our childhood schoolhouse in Missouri with the help of friends and relatives. We all went there each September to clean up the schoolhouse and meet with our school mates and even a couple of the teachers.  For the last 4 years, it has been impossible for me to get there on my own.  The transportation to the airport, figuring out security, airport gates and rental cars became overwhelming. With the help of Pam my travel aid made the trip possible and very easy and enjoyable for me.  What a difference, traveling to Missouri is now a pleasure and I get to see all my Missouri relatives and old school friends.  Click here to read more.

 Travel aid

Doris’s Trip To Hawaii  When it was time to book my flight to Maui to join my friends for a beach front reunion, I realized that the logistics of getting to the airport and getting to Maui was going to be too much for me. My Care To Go caregiver and travel companion made it all very easy for me.  I was able to spend a week with my daughter and grand daughter.  Now I have pictures and memories that will last a lifetime.



geriatric care

Art’s Hip Surgery Recovery Early 2009
I found out that I had a fracture in my hip and it needed pins and a tune-up.  Before having the surgery I arranged for a caregiver from
Care-To-Go.  Boy, am I glad I did!  The doctor said it would be a few days of recovery.  That turned out to be several weeks.  My caregiver was able to take care of everything for me.  She did the meals, kept me comfortable, and kept the house beautifully.  She also handled the communication with concerned family members in California and Missouri.  Click here to read more.