Letter from Louise
Since mid-March, Beth has served as my caregiver, companion, advocate, and loving friend. Having been diagnosed with cervical cancer, I was in great need of all of these. Beth arrived at the perfect time to help me out.

From the first day, she helped me prepare meals, mainly lunch and dinner. She offered me a variety of dishes and agreed to my own selection as well. Beth did all my grocery shopping and kept me away from this exhausting activity. As a perfect caregiver, she provided me with ways to live my life more comfortably and stayed with me for six hours or so every day.

As my companion, Beth drove me daily to my appointments at the Mayo Clinic. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She helped me work with the wheelchair, and eventually a walker. A companion offers so many services, like retrieving my mail helping me to water my plants, washing and drying clothes, and helping me out in so many ways.

Beth worked as my advocate as well. She helped me discuss various treatments with doctors and nurses. I needed her clear thinking to help me make decisions about nutrition, for instance. Although the medical situation was a bit overwhelming to me, that’s helped me to deal with the many issues I was faced with.

Outside of the medical challenges, Beth served as my advocate with the banking needs, mail, and fax demands. She made all these activities possible and even simple given my weakened condition.

Beth became a loving friend in so many ways. When Easter arrived in the middle of all this, she gave me an Easter basket plus chocolate bunnies. She brought me flowers at different times. She offered to share her spiritual writings with me. All of this and more introduced me to a new and thoughtful friend.

In so many ways I would highly recommend Beth and Care-To-Go caregivers as a valuable caregiver/companion for anyone in need of her services. I would be happy to offer any further information about Beth.

Letter 1 from Louise’s brother
To whom it may concern:

Beth Bates was hired by my our family to provide care and companionship for my sister. She performed her duties flawlessly and was capable in all phases of care giving. She was able to cook meals that my sister enjoyed, even while she suffered from serious illness that affected her appetite. Beth also chauffeured my sister to and from the hospital and clinic during the treatment.

While in residence at my sister’s house, she provided total support during a very difficult time, including personal services, such as bathing. She kept the house immaculately clean during her stay. She is organized and helpful without being intrusive. She is a happy and positive person, which was instrumental in getting my sister back in good health.

I would recommend Beth Bates and Care-To-Go Caregivers to anyone requiring in-home care. She will always be the first one we think of when we need such service.

Yours truly,

David P. Kendall

Letter 2 from Louise’s brother
Dear Beth,

Thanks for all your help in getting Weez settled and getting her house sold. You were instrumental in getting things done right, and Weez could not have done this without you.

Also, you’re helping with some of Melodeon’s sale was outstanding. The pictures you took were very professional and helped us get it sold. Again, your time and effort in coordinating with the buyer were much appreciated.

It’s been all long couple of years, starting with the passing of our dear mother, and subsequent medical problems that we’ve encountered. As usual, you were there to help ease the situation and I will be eternally grateful for your help which you provided to me and Weez. It looks as though she is now much better and under her own power, and I am thankful for that.

All the best to you for the coming years. Stay in touch if possible.

Thanks again.