I Thought My Traveling Days Were Over…

…Then I Discovered Care-To-Go
Travel Companions

Elder Travel aide

Keep the lifestyle you love
Now you can continue to travel everywhere you want to go.  Whether it’s to visit the grand kids, family reunions USA or European tours, you can be on your way with the assistance of a Care-To-Go Travel Companion.  See the list at the bottom for more ideas.

My travel aide took care of everything
the itinerary, proper packing, transportation to the airport, a smooth ride through security (that’s a first), food, snacks, TLC on the plane, baggage handling, transportation and transfers on the other end.

Seniors Have Special Travel Needs

Whether it’s accommodating physical limitations, opportunities for companionship, or planning specialty tours, your Care-To-Go Travel Companion can handle everything.

There are many considerations when planning a successful trip. Do you need help with proper packing, transportation to the airport, baggage handling, ticket printing, handling wheelchairs or walkers, getting everything you need through security, finding the gate, or dealing with flight or gate changes?  Seniors typically move slower or have difficulty with hearing or seeing. Having a professional Travel Companion is essential for a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Travel aidChoose Over 30 Years Experience
To Help You Travel
When you are ready for a trip and need assistance, Care-To-Go travel companions are ready to go with you and take care of all your needs.

Our highly trained travel companion staff has over 30 years of airline and travel experience, plus over 30 years of CareGiver experience.  Here you’ll see combination of talents you won’t find anywhere else.  When you need complete travel assistance for air travel, cruise ships, or land tours, let us help.

Where Would You Like To Go?

senior travel

Family Reunions, Weddings or Graduations

Now you can join the family get togethers no matter where they are.
elder travel

Grand Travel

Visiting and playing with the grand children is one of lives deepest pleasures; sharing their stories, tuck them in at night or playing on the swings.
Holy Land Church

Tours and Vacations

You deserve some fun!  Play on the beach, relax by a lake, see the USA, tour Europe or the Holy Land.

Transportation to Medical Facilities

When you need a specialized treatment across the country, we can get you there and back.
geriatric travel

Moving To A New Home

When it’s time to move to be near the relatives or kids, we can assist you with the travel and the move.
Cruise Ship No Type

Cruising Along

The ultimate vacation.  Take a cruise, enjoy the scenery, food and activities and of course just relax.  Your Travel Companion can make it all happen for you.

Luxury travel

Luxury Travel

Stay in the best hotels, eat in the finest restaurants, see the sights by limo.  Traveling first class all the way is an experience you won’t soon forget.  Your Care-To-Go travel escort can make all the arrangements and assist you every step of the way.

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